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Weigh-In Photos 2014

June 22nd and 23rd
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Winner American Mustang
1st PLACE 319.9 LB MAKO


2nd place
Anna Alexis
2nd PLACE 300.2 LB MAKO


3rd place
Two Star
3rd PLACE 257.2 LB MAKO


4th place
Chum Boys
4th PLACE 245.3 LB MAKO


5th place
Bizzy Hook'n
5th PLACE 209.2 LB MAKO


6th place
Indy 2
6th PLACE 207.8 LB MAKO

Captain Bruce   Chasin Tail
Fisher Boys   Hatmando
Indy 2   Mako Wish
Maktac   Marine Max
Marine Max   Marine Max
Miss Tres   Miss Tres
Rowdy   Tashtego
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For prints of any photo seen here, please contact Pat McCarthy at 732.280.9736 or email

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